Boogers are gross, but much easier to clean up than glitter.

Wrinkles are mobile trophies. Laugh lines are gold.

I never thought I'd miss lumps of wet towels and crunchy socks on the bathroom floor. I was right.

Infants have the softest heads and the froggiest legs.

Breaking up feels a lot like stepping on a Lego. You grit your teeth through the pain, then watch where you walk.

My heart gets happy when I hear kids dissolving into unbridled laughter.

Yesterday's eyeliner is today's smoky eye.

Just remember, they can kill you, but they can't eat you.

I love blowing raspberries on chunky baby cheeks...unless they're teething. Then it's better to keep your nose out of reach, grab a towel, and cuddle.

Launching a book is almost as scary as teaching a teenager to merge onto the highway.