Suburban mom, Winnie Swann, knows a thing or two about pandemonium. She's married to an adrenaline junkie and has four chaotic kids. Some days float by peacefully, others warrant a riot squad. Yet she loves her life. It's comfortable, crazy, and hers. That is, until a Wiccan wedding invitation arrives in the mail. Wiccan, as in witch.

The ceremony is only a week away, and Winnie's husband, Hugh, is listed as the father of the bride. Problem is, Hugh's never mentioned having an adult daughter. He's also never mentioned Vayda, the mother of the bride--a witchy ex-lover with a penchant for hot sex and head games. Now the vixen is back, and she wants more than just Hugh's presence at the ceremony. She wants him.

As Winnie fights to hold her family together, Vayda works to tear it apart and sends Winnie on a wild ride down a Wiccan river of bubbling wax, illicit drugs, and small-town secrets.