When I was a kid, I really wanted to be a bus driver. Bus drivers sat up front, wore cool hats, and took entire crowds on all kinds of journeys. Even better, the buses of my youth were attached to electrical wires above the road, and when they passed the connectors at intersections, sparks flew into the air. Cool stuff!

I never got to drive a real bus with sparking connectors, but I did become an events coordinator, a police dispatcher, and an accountant. I also tried my hand at being a stay-at-home parent--the most wonderful and horrible job ever. My children are great people, but I lived with enough of them to warrant driving a Suburban, which ironically, felt like a loaded bus. The kids completed the effect by creating lots of sparks, everywhere we went.

I took up writing as therapy and kept going, long after theĀ sparky creatures left home and started having children of their own. In addition to being a proud grandma, I'm also a member of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, the moderator of a critique group, and I do accounting for the family business. My childhood dream remains. I'd love to take entire crowds on all kinds of journeys, passing through fictional intersections and creating lots of mental sparks!